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Feb 26

New Song Called, For You.

We just finished our newest song called, For You. We will have it posted shortly. Here are the lyrics to the song to hold you over.


For You

I was doomed from the start
And I held my regrets
I was covered in dark
And I wore it like death
Still I got a heart
That pounds in this chest
And my closet is full for days

But when your strength is gone
And the lights go grey
I’ll sing your favorite song
I’ll be your hit parade
With every breathe I’ve blown
I’ve failed a million ways
And everything I own
I tore to pieces

When the darkness comes
To conceal my wounds
I did it all for you
I did it all for you
My vacant eyes
Hide the dangerous truth
I did it all for you
I did it all for you

I can be smart, I can be misled
I can be dark and fucking wasted
I swam like a shark
Through a sea of this red
But your blood is all that I tasted

I know the things they say
And they were never true
With every step I take
It brings me back to you
I know we may be cursed
I know I’m not brand new
But for all it’s worth
I live and die for you


I’ll keep your secrets safe
I’ll take them to my grave
And you can be my saint
When I’m in pieces
With no more lies to tell
We know this place too well
And we can share this hell
It all begins with you

Chorus x2

Feb 21

Council at Tranoi NYC Launch Party


Doug, Pat, Andy



Doug, Andy, Pat

We had a great time at the Tranoi New York launch party.

Feb 18

Council Wins Indiebible Photo Contest



Feb 16

Council New Song


Andy mixing our new song called, For You.

Feb 14

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day. Better known to us single people as the day before we can buy heavily discounted candy at Duane Reade.

Feb 8

Writing Sessions


Pat during one of our writing sessions.

Probably wondering why he decided to be in a band with his brothers.

Feb 5

The Silent Member Of Council

IMG_4891 IMG_4893 IMG_4898

Murdock in his winter gear. Too cute not to share.

Jan 30

New Possible Lettering For T-Shirts



Jan 16

Break On Through/Cover to be played On Lopsided World Of L

Our cover of The Doors, Break On Through, will be played on Lopsided World of L

HERE IS YOUR WEEKEND SCHEDULE when to listen to Lopsided World of L
Friday January 16 on Athens Greece 14:00 GMT- 15:00 CET- 16:00 EETin America: 6am Pacific- 7am AZ- 8am Central- 9am East Coast
Friday January 16 Liverpool, England
6- 8 pm in United Kingdom – 7pm Central Europe America:10am Pacific- 11am AZ- Noon Central- 1pm East Coast
Saturday January 17 Los Angeles 11am Pacific- NOON AZ- 1pm Central- 2pm East Coast in Europe: 19:00 GMT- 20:00 CET- 21:00 EET
Sunday January 18 on Berlin, Germany 21:00 GMT- 22:00 CET- 23:00 EETin America 1pm Pacific- 2pm AZ- 3pm Central- 4pm East Coast
Sunday January 18 on Los Angeles (rebroadcast) 10pm Pacific- 11pm AZ- Midnight Central- 11pm AZ- 1am East Coast (Europe is wee hours Monday morning)
Sunday January 18 107.5 FM New Zealand 8-10pm in New Zealand –6-8pm Sydney, Australia Saturday January 17 11pm Pacific CoastSunday January 18 morning 7am U.K.- 8am Central Europe
Same edition runs following Wednesday on KWSS 93.9 FM Phoenix ( at 10pm AZ time
Same edition runs following Thursday on Radio Andra Gothenburg11am Pacific- NOON AZ- 1pm Central- 2pm East Coast in Europe: 19:00 GMT- 20:00 CET- 21:00 EET
show starts at 1pm -shortly on

Jan 8

Interview with Christian Iles