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May 6

Studio Favorite

The equipment is amazing in the studio but this might be our favorite.

May 5

Justin Gray on the Hammond B3 Organ

Justin Gray killing it on the Hammond B3 Organ

May 5

In Studio

photo 1-3
Doug working on drum part.

Doug waiting to record.

May 5

Recording at EastWest Studios

photo 5-2
Recording at EastWest Studios. We are in studio 3 which has been used for many huge records. Most importantly The Beach Boys Pet Sounds.

May 4

Outlaws Cafe – Rated one of America’s best burgers.

photo 4-2
Doesn’t look like much, but the food is amazing.

photo 3-2
Homemade Chips.

Apr 30

Day off at Santa Monica Pier

photo 2-2

Apr 30

Fellow Upstate New Yorkers

photo 1-2
Great time with Brian Bowen Smith in Laurel Canyon.

Apr 28

Taking a quick break

photo 5
Doug taking a break. #pumalife #superdry #freemanformula
#council #councilband

Apr 24

Council and Bai Drinks in the studio.

photo 4

Apr 23

Freeman Formula in L.A.

photo 3
Even in California our sponsor Freeman Formula takes care of us.