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Dec 14

Council finished with their debut EP, Rust To Gold.

COUNCIL has just finished recording their debut EP, Rust to Gold, with Grammy Nominated Producer Justin Gray (Mariah Carey, John Legend), 10 time Grammy Nominated Mixer Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers) and Mastering Legend Howie Weinberg (U2, Nirvana).

Contact Council for the link. 

May 6

Studio Favorite

The equipment is amazing in the studio but this might be our favorite.

May 5

Justin Gray on the Hammond B3 Organ

Justin Gray killing it on the Hammond B3 Organ

May 5

In Studio

photo 1-3
Doug working on drum part.

Doug waiting to record.

May 5

Recording at EastWest Studios

photo 5-2
Recording at EastWest Studios. We are in studio 3 which has been used for many huge records. Most importantly The Beach Boys Pet Sounds.

May 4

Outlaws Cafe – Rated one of America’s best burgers.

photo 4-2
Doesn’t look like much, but the food is amazing.

photo 3-2
Homemade Chips.

Apr 30

Day off at Santa Monica Pier

photo 2-2

Apr 30

Fellow Upstate New Yorkers

photo 1-2
Great time with Brian Bowen Smith in Laurel Canyon.

Apr 28

Taking a quick break

photo 5
Doug taking a break. #pumalife #superdry #freemanformula
#council #councilband

Apr 24

Council and Bai Drinks in the studio.

photo 4